Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Living Center
Laura Kokanovich ND, CNHP, IR

Are you tired of diets? Because “diets” DON’T work! The more you diet, the easier it is to put that weight back on and the harder it is to take it off again. Healthy Lifestyle Choices is not about dieting but changing your habits. It is important to know yourself as an individual because the “one size fits all” NEVER works. You are unique and what works for one may not work for another. At the Center we personalize your program to fit you by helping you to understand your own unique Metabolic Type and Burn Rate as well as your Inherent Constitutional Type. We also want to rule out factors that may block your progress and cause fatigue and weight gain. Such as Insulin resistance which 80% of the American population. Endocrine Imbalances which more than 50% of the population are diagnosed and many are mis-diagnosed. Because we are more than a “weight loss program” and more passionate about prevention, we come at weight loss from a more holistic approach and get great results every time.

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